Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chivalry is dead... again

I've been noticing something lately, but I'm not sure what I'm noticing. You know, when you walk through a door that someone else is about to walk through? What do you do? Do you hold the door until the next person gets to it? or do you give the door an extra push in hopes that it stays open for the next person? Or, are you an complete asshole and exert no extra effort and let the door fall as it may?

I've seen more people lately just let the door fall, I mean, really, is it that hard to give it an extra push?

The strangest angle on this chivalry/rudeness trend? Gay men. Gay men in their forties, specifically. I don't expect any man in his twenties to hold a door. But gay men or any man in their forties and beyond who just let the door slam behind them, even when they see me coming, I expect that door to stay open two seconds longer.

Maybe I'm just witnessing this because I work just south of Boystown, and it's a general population trend and I'm getting the older gay gentlemen portion of it, who knows?

I thought that men born in the sixties and before were raised better than that. I get that you're not attracted to me, never have been never will. Your lifestyle makes no difference to me. But the simple fact is you have a penis and I don't, and that door should be at least pushed open in hopes that I make it to the door on time.

In general, we should just be better to each other as human beings. Will you really be that much later if you give the door an extra shove? People treat each other like shit, simple as that. So, next time you're walking through a door that someone else is headed for, give it a shove, or better yet, hold that sucker open until the next three people walk in.

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