Saturday, August 1, 2009

"My Life In France"

I just finished "My Life In France" by Julia Child. Amazing read.

Growing up, Julia Child was that crazy lady with the silly voice on PBS that came on after Sesame Street. She's one of those people you always knew of, but never really knew why.

I never gave her much thought until she passed. Thinking of Julia Child reminds me of one of the few good memories I have of a roommate I was never too fond of. It was shortly after she passed, and somehow the conversation turned to her, and my roommate described how he remembered Julia: as a crazy old woman who would look at a red-hot pan, proceed to touch the pan and then exclaim, "Oh, my, that's hot!"

And that's exactly the type of woman she was. She need to experiment and see things for herself. We all could take a page from Mrs. Child's book(s).

Even though she was married most of her life, Julia Child is an inspiration to single girls everywhere. She didn't marry until she was 34, which, in 1946, was a feat in an of itself. Of course, she had WWII to thank for some of her independence, but she went through the nineteen thirties as a single girl in her twenties. She's one of the most recognized culinary figures in cuisine TV, but she didn't begin cooking school until she was 36.

What can the single girl learn from Mrs. Child? That your life is not decided until you are dead. There are days I'm terrified because I don't know what the future holds, but I'm learning that that's okay. She lived life with gusto; we all should.

Child is an inspiration for everyone, but single girls in particular.

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