Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Lately, I've been on an omelet kick. It started with the "Julie & Julie" trailer, and got worse and worse as I read "My Life In France" and "Julie and Julia," and started watching Julia Child's "The French Chef" episodes on

Eggs are great, because they're one of the few things you can enjoy fresh everyday in a flash. Almost everything you else you make begins with one big recipe, and you're forced to microwave the rest until you can't handle rubbery chicken anymore. But eggs are fresh every time you make them. And they can be different each time, too. Add some mushrooms and swiss cheese in an omelet one day and some green peppers, turkey and cheddar to scrabbled eggs the next. They're different every time!

Eggs are also a great source of protein. Yolks have been accused of having too much cholesterol, so I'll add one or two to my three-egg omelet, it adds the yellow color, but cuts down on the un-healthy part of the egg.

Eggs are really hard to screw up, start with scrambled and work your way up. I'm trying to flip my French-style omelets in the air yet, some days they come out great, other days I have quite the mess to clean up on my oven, but its all part of the learning curve. I might even try Julia's bean trick to practice!

Eggs, the perfect single-girl food!

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