Sunday, April 17, 2011

Women's rights and pro-life

Pro-life is anti-women's rights. At least hard-core pro-lifers are.

It's one thing to be against abortion, to want people to copulate responsibly and to want every life that is created to be wanted. I think that is honorable.

But when people only see women as baby-carrying machines I can not agree with pro-lifers. Pregnancy, when normal, is fairly safe, but a lot can go wrong. Women can die because of pregnancy gone wrong and when politicians and religious leaders put the life of an unborn child ahead of the life of the mother, it's wrong.

I believe that an unborn child has some rights, but killing its mother isn't one of them. First off, babies don't do so well with out their mothers. There's the whole basic need of food from breast milk and the whole needing care for the first 18 years or so.

A woman is not a baby machine. She is a person with a brain who has a right to life. More of a right than a baby who will probably die anyway.

It's easy to say that a baby is an innocent life and babies are so sweet and babies babies babies! But Hitler was a baby once, remember that. Babies aren't all that great. They're money pits that eat and poop and sleep but not through the night when you want to. And they just grow up to and suck up more money and hate you.

I would love it if people would have sex responsibly and only conceive when they want and every baby would end up healthy, but that's not the way life works.

And making abortion illegal would NOT stop abortions, it would just make them more dangerous.