Saturday, March 6, 2010

The White Coat

We're looking at 40˚F this weekend, and 50 isn't far away, so this seems a little late, but white spring coats make an appearance, too.

So, here's the deal: That super cute white coat seemed like a great purchase, didn't it? You would be able to walk around in a blizzard an no one would see you! And white is so classy, isn't it? But guess what, you need to wash that white coat a little more.

White shows EVERYTHING, if you didn't already know that. That little bit of strangeness that rubs off from you fingers to your sleeve ends? I see that after you've worn your coat two days. The big smears from where your boyfriend hugged you after eating cake? I notice that. And your make up? I see that, that one shows up the first time you wear that. Maybe I'm a little pickier than most, but you really need to wash that thing like, once a week. In BLEACH.

So, if you're thinking about buying a white coat, think twice. Because no matter how good you look with your Coach bag and Ugg boots, you look like shit with your make-up and fingerprint stained white coat. It looks cheap to wear a dirty white coat. See the identical black one on the next rack, or the cute navy blue one, or, if you want something light, go for a gray or red or pink or yellow or a cute print or ANYTHING but that stupid white coat.

Unless, of course, you're actually willing to wash it once or twice a WEEK, yes, per week.

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