Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sarah Killen

Everyone's up in the air about Sarah Killen (@LovelyButton on twitter) because she is the only person Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) is following on his recently created twitter account, and she's been getting all sorts of swag because of it, including lots of free stuff for her wedding.

This does not bother me, what does is the fact that Ms. Killen is only 19, and she's getting married, to a 21-year-old. Why has no one said anything about this and how crazy it is. Yeah, she didn't have anything planned because she's fucking 19! What the hell do 19-year-olds know about wedding planning?

I guess an old spinster like me is a bit jealous, but if I could go back to 2005, change a few things, and get engaged I definitely would not.

I guess I'm surprised the media isn't questioning her (and her fiancé's) young nuptials. I thought that mid-to late 20s was becoming the standard first marriage age, with early thirties in a close second place for the more career-minded.

And maybe Ms. Killen isn't planning on getting married for a few more years, anyway. We really don't know that much about her. Who knows, maybe that free wedding dress won't be her style when she does get married.

Best of luck LovelyButtons!

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  1. Who cares? What does it matter to anyone else what someone chooses to so with THEIR LIFE? It's not hurting anyone that she is happy and making her own choices. Plus, I know for a fact she has been out on her own since she was 16, maybe she just had a jump start on going up.