Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Healthcare II

So, I'm having some minor dermatological problems, nothing major, just some redness and discomfort from what I'm pretty sure is perioral dermatitis (redness, dryness and some bumps near the mouth, mine is on my chin) paired with angular cheilitis (small lesions at the corners of the mouth, caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections). Basically, it hurts a bit to talk and take big bites when I eat.

How is the related to healthcare? I don't have regular insurance, so I can't go to the doctor to know for sure if this is what I have. And even if I did, a lot of insurance these days, especially the packages people my age are being offered, won't cover a visit to the dermatologist. From what I've read online a round of antibiotics will clear up perioral dermatitis, which I think is causing the angular cheilitis.

So you're probably thinking, so what, you have red, dry, flakey skin on your face, who cares? Use a better moisturizer and some cover-up. Guess what, that'll just make it worse, or so I've read.

And that's another thing, I'm an educated person and I'm relying on google to diagnose my problems. This sucks! I mean, I know I should go to a doctor and figure out is what's going on for sure, but I simply can't.

So, if you see me and see my bright red chin, please don't laugh. I'm trying my best to clear it up on my own by removing irritants from my routine. And who knows, I maybe wouldn't get any antibiotics anyway, they're not exactly good for the environment. But still, what if it's not perioral dermatitis? What if it's something worse? I may never know.

So, if you see a chinless blonde running around Chicago, you know it wasn't perioral dermatitis.

PS (3/6/10): So I guess my whole point is that when Republicans start calling single-payer healthcare socialism and say that no one will be denied health care, it's not true, because I am being denied healthcare, it's just my wallet that's doing the denying and not doctors at a county emergency room. I mean, if I were to go into an emergency room complaining of angular cheilitis and some strange dry-red patch on my chin, I'd probably get laughed at and sent away so people with real emergencies can get much needed medical attention. I mean, if you saw some girl in an emergency room complaining about redness on her chin, you'd think what a flake!

PPS (3/6/10): I found this link to the $70 "cure" this dude has been selling online, and I tried it, and it worked! Not only on my lips but it seems to be clearing up my chin as well. The cracks are completely gone, but the area is still really dry and a little sore, but getting better constantly! I also removed as much Sodium Lauryl Sulfate from my routine as possible. I still am using my regular toothpaste, because I really can't stand any other type.

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