Friday, April 23, 2010

Breakfast... at Subway?

Subway has recently added breakfast to its menu at all locations and I am obsessed. Fast food breakfast has traditionally been super greasy and heavy in bacon sausage and processed cheese and made on greasy biscuits or even pancakes in some cases. Don't get me wrong, I love greasy breakfast sandwiches here and there, especially after a night of imbibing. They're like the cheeseburger of breakfast, but with pork and egg. But to eat these sandwiches on a regular basis will add inches and pounds to your tummy.

The best thing about the new Subway breakfast, veggies. Your bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin can now be accompanied by all of those great veggies that you can get on your regular sandwiches. Don't like English muffins? no sweat, you can get your breakfast on flatbread (my favorite) or your favorite Subway bread.

The other thing that sets Subway apart, your choice of regular egg or egg whites. The eggs definitely look like they were cooked and frozen at a factory somewhere, but they're surprisingly not rubbery. Unless your doctor told you to avoid them get egg yolks because they are healthy and full of nutrients, and you don't save that many calories cutting them out.

My Subway breakfast is an egg and cheese with pepper jack cheese, spinach, green peppers, tomato and cucumbers. I might add bacon if I'm in the mood. I prefer the flatbread, but they have a special introductory price on English muffin and a coffee. Did I mention that they offer awesome Seattle's Best coffee?

So the next time you leave the house without breakfast stop at Subway, they're everywhere. Get a veggie-packed breakfast sandwich and a coffee for $2.50. Enjoy!

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