Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Netflix:

Dear Netflix,

I think you really f*cked up this time. We were mad about the 50 percent price increase. So what do you do, not lower prices or let us know that with the increase there will be more content streaming. You make it more complicated that it was before.

People loved Netflix. You get DVDs in the mail, how great is that? And I can watch stuff online, too? GREAT. What, you have an app for my TV! I'm on board.

But now you're Qwickster? WTW? That's kind of messed up. Actually, that's really messed up. So not only are you charging more, you're going to change your name? Because name changes have really been successful for companies in the past. And one thing I loved about Netflix was that if I had a DVD in my queue and it became available with watch instantly, I would know. So if my DVDs are from Qwickster, and they become available on Netflix, will I know? Do I have to search it out to watch it streaming?

Basically Netflix, I think you lost a customer, at least for DVDs... and with the loss of Starz in February and the rise of services like HuluPlus and Amazon, I think you might have lost me and MILLIONS of others.

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