Thursday, July 2, 2009

Adult Jello

Who hasn't had a crazy night followed by a painful morning that can be credited in some way to Jello shooters?

As we grow up, we learn that Jello shooters are a little College (by Asher Roth), but how much fun is it getting trashed on Jello, that oh so innocent desert peddled by none other than Dr. Cliff Huxtable! Here's a way to make your Jello shot a little more grown up:

You will need:
  • Your favorite flavor of sugar free Jello
  • A corresponding or complimentary fruit
  • Plain or flavored vodka (matching either the Jello and/or the fruit)
  • Redi-Whip or Cool Whip or (if you're so enterprising) freshly whipped cream
  • Your favorite fancy container or stemware

In four dishes or glasses, place fruit at the bottom. Prepare Jello as directed in a bowl or container with a pour spout (I like my 2-cup Pyrex liquid measuring cup), substituting 1/2 (or if your so bold, all) or the cold water with vodka.

Let chill in your fridge for the alloted time, top with whipped topping of your choice, and enjoy!

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